Mandy D. | Yelp

Oh, lord, The Woodlands needs a place like this. It's not a franchise and they have a clear vision for their business: Good food with locally-sourced ingredients...or if not locally-sourced, they at least know which farm in which town in Georgia. Awesome! We've just moved to The Woodlands. As a hard-working, professional couple with no kids in the mix (okay, fine, we're DINKs - a species rarely seen in The Woodlands), we eat out often, we like good food, and we don't mind paying for good food. Fielding's was such an exciting find! The owner greeted us at the door - he genuinely seemed pleased to greet each person that walked in and took a couple of moments to brag about his business in a way that was exciting rather than annoying. Great sense of humor. Read the full review here